Open Workshops – Energy Rehabilitation of Sports Centres

In Europe, there are over a million and a half sports facilities, number which represents approximately 8% of the buildings. Most of them were built before 1980 without considering energy efficiency criteria, so it is necessary to promote energy renovation of these buildings. According to studies conducted in the UK, sports facilities account for about… Read More »

In Vitro Testing Industrial Platform Meeting in Barcelona

On the second of June 2016, the IVTIP (In Vitro Testing Industrial Platform) will have a meeting in the facilities of LEITAT in Barcelona around “Animal free approaches to test chronic exposure to low concentrations”. Presentations and discussions will be around the topic of challenges related to assessing safety of medical devices and biomaterials.  … Read More »

New collaboration with G-Star to stop plastic microfibers

Amsterdam, 25 April 2016 – Machine washing of synthetic clothes is a big contributor to the plastic soup. The Plastic Soup Foundation and G-Star RAW are calling on other fashion companies, washing machine manufacturers and the textile industry to support the international Ocean Clean Wash.   “Leading European research recently showed that a fleece releases… Read More »

Meet us at the EUREKA Innovation Week 2016

Smart Cities – Sustainable & Attractive Communities – Get in touch with our ICT expert   The Swedish EUREKA Chairmanship and the EUREKA Secretariat are pleased to welcome you to Stockholm and the EUREKA Innovation Week 2016 – Smart Cities – Sustainable & Attractive Communities. How can new trends and citizens’ knowledge be opportunities in… Read More »

Statistics on SME Instrument

Since its launch in 2014 the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Programme has continuously grown to attract an ever increasing number of highly innovative small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).   In two years EASME has received 19.320 proposals and funded 1.443 projects in total for a total amount of €527 million.   Find additional statistics on… Read More »

Segunda Jornada RRI Tools Barcelona – Actividad Abierta

La investigación e innovación responsables (RRI, por sus siglas en inglés) es una cuestión emergente impulsada por la Comisión Europea que replantea el rol de la ciencia e innovación dentro de la sociedad y que está siendo incorporada de modo transversal desde distintos programas, como el programa marco Horizonte 2020. Pero ¿a qué nos referimos… Read More »