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The 3D-LighTrans project’s objective is to establish and facilitate the innovative highly flexible and adaptable access to the low-cost production technologies for high performance 3D production, lightweight and multifunctional in polymer fibre reinforced with composite materials for structural elements. This will be achieved through the use of innovative approaches to individual manufacturing processes and their integration into complete chain, fully automated manufacturing and highly flexible.


LEITAT’s role in the project: The creation of the characterization and validation testing of materials based on the standards applied in the automotive sector.  Standard test and test list working standard methodology to apply within the 3D-LighTrans. Verification of the new properties of the materials analyzed. This technical report compared with currently used materials according to the final application.  The robotics unit is responsible for the automated draping process. A robot creates a 3D shape from the composite fabric. Quality is ensured adding force control to the process.


Number of Contract: FP7/263223


Coordinator:  Austrian Institute of Technology


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Ahmad Bilal


Web: http://www.3D-LightTrans.com


Starts: April 2011


Duration: 4 years



Austrian   Institute of Technology Austria
Almansa   Technology Consulting Austria
Centro   Ricerche FIAT Italy
Coatema Germany
Federal   Mogul System Protection France
Ghent   University Belgium
Grado   Zero Espace Italy
Technical   University of Dresden Germany
Lindauer   Dornier Germany
Nwtexnet UK
PD-Glasseiden   Oschatz Germany
Michel   Van de Wiele Belgium
Onera France
Bentley UK
Sigmatex UK
ThysenKrupp Germany
Synergy   Composites UK
Eurocarbon The   Netherlands
MOCI Spain
Polytech   Orleans France

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