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ASTUTE project will aim at designing sophisticated graphics user interfaces which proactively provide relevant information, among the many available, to the user taking into account user context and state. This will be done by defining a platform for building embedded products that capture and act upon user intentions thereby taking into account the user’s context (i.e. user environment and all the factors which will influence the user performance) and state (i.e. aspects determining the ability of the user to perform in a given situation).


LEITAT’s role in the project: In Astute Project, LEITAT will act as a system integrator. LEITAT will develop, in cooperation with consortium members, a sensor system to capture user status based on the acquisition of physiological parameters, to detect/predict fatigue, stress or other dangerous situations. An environmental sensor network to determine some context characteristics will be developed. In addition, LEITAT is the leader task 6.1 Recruitment of user group for each of the case studies.


Number of Contract: ARTEMIS/269334


Coordinator: ATOS Origin SAE (Spain)


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Marta Domper


Web: Astute Project


Starts: March 2011


Duration: 3 years




ATOS   Origin SAE Spain
SIRRIS Belgium
STMicroelectronics   S.r.l Italia
Volvo   Technology AB Sweden
BARCO Belgium
Fundación   Tekniker Spain
Equalid   Solutions S.L. Spain
IRIDA   Labs Greece
Brno   University of Technology Czech   Republic
Integrasys   S.A Spain
Politecnico   di Milano Italy
University   of Patras Greece
Möbius Belgium
Numonyx   S.r.l Italy
Honeywell   International Czech   Republic
Akhela   srl Italy
Siemens   AG, CT Germany
El   Jardín de Junio Spain
Namahn Belgium
Fraunhofer   FOKUS Germany
Smart Solutions Technologie SL Spain
BMW   Forschung und Technik GmbH Germany
Technische   Universität München Germany
Tenforce Belgium
Geosparc   NV Belgium
Telecom   Design S.r.l Italy




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