By | March 1, 2015

esaThe European Space Agency (ESA) awarded LEITAT a contract to develop Biodegradable Material for Containment of Wastes and Metabolic Resources, in the framework of the MELiSSA project.


MELiSSA (Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative) has been conceived as a micro-organisms and higher plants based ecosystem intended as a tool to gain understanding of the behaviour of artificial ecosystems, and for the development of the technology for a future regenerative life support system for long term manned space missions, e.g. a lunar base or a mission to Mars.


The objectives of this project are:
– To establish preliminary requirements for biodegradable packaging materials for both metabolic waste and food containment;
– To review, study and select biodegradable materials, usable for both metabolic waste and food containment;
– To asses biodegradability of selected materials, identify biodegradation products and assess their toxicity towards processes used within MELiSSA;
– To conclude on the best suited materials for both metabolic waste and food containment.


LEITAT’s role in the project: LEITAT is responsible of the whole development of the project.


Reference number: ITT AO 1-8054/14/NL/Pa


Coordinator:  LEITAT Technological Center


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Gerard Musterni


Web: MELiSSA Homepage


Start date: 01/03/2015


Duration: 24 months





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