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BioConSepT aims to demonstrate the technically feasibility of White Biotech processes for the conversion of 2nd generation biomass into platform chemicals, which are 30% cheaper and 30% more sustainable than existing chemical routes or 1st generation processes.


Leitat’s role in the project: LEITAT will be contributing to the expression of target enzymes for epoxidation biocatalysis and process development for epoxidation reactions and biotransformation of FA to biosurfactants. Once produced target molecules need to be purified. LEITAT will investigate the utilization of Molecularly Imprinted Materials as a purification technology in downstream processing and their advantages to more traditional chromatographic materials.


LEITAT will use the produced biosurfactants into detergent and cosmetic formulations to test their performance and suitability for the market.


Number of Contract: FP7/289194


Coordinator: TNO


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Raquel de Sousa Carreira




Starts: January 2012


Duration: 48 months




TNO   – Netherlands Organization for AppliedScientific Research Netherlands
VITO   – Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek NV Belgium
FhG   – Fraunfoher-Gesellschaft sur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V Germany
VTT – Valtion Teknillien   Tutkimuskeskus Finland
TICON   – T+I Consulting Germany
ADM   – Archer Daniels Midland Europe BV Netherlands
DMS   – DMS White Biotechnology BV Netherlands
Evonik Oxeno GmbH Germany
LEITAT Technological Center Spain
Linde KCA Germany
NVMT – Novamont SPA Italy
Poyry   – Pöyry management consultancy Oy Finland
Proviron holding BV Belgium
Rhodia France
SCAG – Süd-Chemie AG Germany
Taminco NV Belgium
Applokon Biotechnology BV Netherlands
AQB – Arquebio sl Spain
Bird Engineering BV Netherlands
CLEA Technologies BV Netherlands
DE – Designer Energy Ltd. Israel
Dracosa AG Germany
EB – Eucodis biosciences GmbH Austria
GTVT s.r.o Slovakia
Qnorm   Qualitat i Medi Ambient Spain
RTD Services Austria
SuniLei Tecnologia Solar Spain
Tygron Netherlands
Weastra Slovakia
Zena s.r.o Czech Republic



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