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The main objective of the project is to reduce the environmental impact associated to the health sector (e.g. hospitals) by facilitating the decision making process of the management through:

  • Showing the real environmental and economic impact of the different environmental aspects associated to the organisation, considering their entire life cycle (highlighting hidden or external costs).
  • Identifying the “key performance indicators” (KEPIs) and “functional units” which best fit with Health sector characteristics, in order to monitor and control these aspects.
  • Identifying the Best Available Techniques (BATs) that can be applied to reduce these aspects, including technical, environmental and economic assessments.
  • Supporting, with quantitative figures, the definition of “Sustainable Action Plans” to be applied to each centre, taking into account the previous information.
  • Allowing a clear and quantitative comparison between the initial and improved situation (i.e. after action plan implementation), from an economic and environmental view point.

LEITAT’s role in the project:  Develop LCA and LCC studies,  Action leader for Review of Best Available Technologies and Best Practices.   Direct contact and interviews with EMAS or ISO-14001 registered Healthcare Centres in Spain, to asses the indicators used to monitor it evolution, data needed, main problems to collect it, best practices, etc. Definition of the procedure/ methodology to prioritise the results achieved, identifying the most relevant environmental aspects from an economic and environmental view point.

Integrated web-based application to support the decision-making process: Analysis of the data needs and how to enter this data in the web application (e.g. manually or imported from already existing systems, globally for all the hospital or per each sub-system, etc.). Definition of the required questionnaires, etc. Approach and web application implementation in two healthcare centres: Identification, quantification and prioritisation of the most significant environmental aspects associated to these centres, using the web application and the defined KEPIs.

Definition and implementation of “Sustainable Action Plans”: Assessment of the potential environmental, economic and social benefit of the proposed “Sustainable Action Plans”, considering its complete life-cycle and its real application in the selected centre. Monitoring of the project impact after Sustainable Action Plans implementation: Assessment of the achieved improvements using the proposed “Key Performance Indicators” and the most appropriated “functional unit” for these centres, Assessment of the project impact on the environmental aspects covered by the project, Development of a comparative LCA studies of the analysed centres.


Number of Contract: LIFE12 ENV/ES/000124


Coordinator:  Fundacio Hospital de Sant Pau i Santa Tecla


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Lara Valentin




Starts: 01/07/2013


Duration: 3 years



Fundacio Hospital de Sant Pau i Santa Tecla Spain

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