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Developing cost-effective sensors to observe the ocean in real-time

DEVELOPING COST-EFFECTIVE SENSORS that will increase availability of standardised data on eutrophication, concentrations of heavy metals, microplastics, underwater noise and other parameters.   COMMON SENSE will develop prototypes of in-situ new generation sensors and integrate these sensors into different marine platforms in order to reduce significant sampling and monitoring costs.   Expected project results: Integration… Read More »

Shipbuilding of the Future – Innovative materials and production

On the 20th and 21st of June, the Center  of  Maritime  Technologies  e.V.,  CFK  Valley e.V., the  European  Factories  of  the  Future  Research Association  (EFFRA) and  the Fraunhofer Application Center for Large Structures in Production Technology (Fraunhofer AGP) organised a workshop around the theme of materials and production innovation in the Maritime Industry. LEITAT actively… Read More »

How many microplastics are really in the sea?

We will have a preliminary answer on May 15th if the weather is good! On that day, the King Fisher will leave the harbour of Barcelona and go for a half day  tour to measure the concentration of microplastics in the sea within 25 miles distance from the coast..   The exceptional thing about this… Read More »

Meet us at PolyTalk 2016 in Brussels

PolyTalk is a forum to engage with our stakeholders in a transparent, forward looking dialogue. PolyTalk 2016 focuses on Marine Litter. Get in touch with us and meet us there! We will present our research activities in the field such as the MERMAIDS project.   Entitled “Zero Plastics To The Oceans”, PolyTalk will be held… Read More »

Meet us at Oceanology International 2016

COMMON SENSE will be presented at Oceanology International 2016 the world’s leading marine science and ocean technology exhibition and conference which is taking place from 15- 17 March 2016 in London, Excel. COMMON SENSE will take part in workshops and poster presentations as part of ‘The Oceans of Tomorrow’ event hosted by the UK’s National… Read More »

Real Sea Conditions to put COMMON SENSE Prototypes to the Test

Press release: December 2015 The EC-funded COMMON SENSE project is making continuous progress towards a new future for marine monitoring. The project is developing prototypes for innovative, next generation sensing technologies that will contribute to the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and therefore support the protection of the marine environment in Europe.… Read More »

Objective for Aqualia: Desalinate with zero costs

How to deslinate with zero costs? Juan Manuel Ortiz, Researcher within the department of Innovation and Technology Aqualia, highlighted in this interview the number of projects carried by the company in exchange of research on desalination, such as REMEMBRANE or the new techniques in biological desalination.   He was speaking during the debate on the… Read More »

Microplastic in the environment: LEITAT attends international conference in Cologne

Microplastic in the environment are a big issue in today’s world and LEITAT is putting resources to develop innovative solutions. The MERMAIDS project is a perfect example about how to reduce microplastics in wastewater.  But more needs to be done. Therefore, LEITAT is attending the international conference in Cologne about Microplastic in the environment. The… Read More »