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IGNICOAT: nuevos textiles ignífugos para equipos de protección individual

El mercado global de textiles ignífugos es de gran importancia y presenta un crecimiento sostenido en sub-sectores de textil técnico de alto valor añadido como los Equipos de Protección Individual (EPIs), textiles de uso laboral, textiles para transporte y textil-hogar, principalmente. Dicho mercado todavía consiste en gran medida en formulaciones de recubrimientos basadas en compuestos… Read More »

Discover new lightweight, flexible and smart protective clothing for law enforcement personnel

SMARTPRO develops lightweight, smart and ergonomically designed protective clothing for law enforcement personnel, by applying specific surface treatments on the protective fabrics and incorporating smart systems, i.e. heart rate sensor, gas sensor and textile antenna.   Join us at our final conference to learn more about the results, and discuss with the developers the potential… Read More »

LEITAT @ Kick-Off meeting of FP7-Project SMARTPRO

LEITAT with all the partners of the SMARTPRO project have met at the Amalia Hotel Athens in Athens (Greece) the 07th of May 2014 at the occasion of the project kick-off meeting. The multidisciplinary consortium of the SmartPro project, untitled “Lightweight, flexible and smart protective clothing for law enforcement personnel”, lies in the development of… Read More »


The concept of SMARTPRO lies in the development of lightweight and smart protective clothing, incorporating smart functionalities and designated for law enforcement authorities. Up to now, research on the protective gear of this group concentrated on the ballistic properties of the body armour. However, in spite of the improvements, modern body armours still have some… Read More »