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Recovery and Utlisation of Nutrients 4 Low Impact Fertiliser Domestic wastewater (WW) is an important carrier of nutrients usually wasted away by current decentralised WW treatments (WWT). Run4Life proposes an alternative strategy for improving nutrient recovery rates and material qualities, based on a decentralised treatment of segregated black water (BW), kitchen waste and grey water… Read More »

GLAM Workshop: Key Enabling Technologies for Better Cancer Diagnosis

This workshop organised by the GLAM project aims at bringing together experts from the field of nanotechnologies, photonics and micro-and nano-electronics in relation to cancer diagnosis including researchers, regulators, practicians, doctors and media. Key enabling technologies provide the basis for innovation in a range of products across all industrial sectors. They underpin the shift to… Read More »


The Demonstration of Waste Biomass to Synthetic Fuels and Green Hydrogen. TOSYNFUEL will demonstrate the conversion of organic waste biomass (Sewage Sludge) into biofuels. The project implements a new integrated process combining Thermo-Catalytic Reforming (TCR©), with hydrogen separation through pressure swing adsorption (PSA), and hydro deoxygenation (HDO), to produce a fully equivalent gasoline and diesel… Read More »

Marisurf: How about new and natural ingredients to enhance food quality, biomed and cosmetics?

On the 23rd of March 2017, the consortium of the Marisurf project met in Barcelona in LEITAT premises for their 18M meeting. All the consortium members where present to present the upate for each task.   Marisurf aims at satisfying an increasing consumer demand for natural and ‘environmentally-friendly’ ingredients, as well as changing government legislation… Read More »

Visita a las instalaciones CO2ALGAEFIX por parte de los consorcios de PROGRESO y METASIN

Los consorcios de los proyectos PROGRESO y METASIN visitaron la pasada semana las instalaciones CO2ALGAEFIX.   El proyecto PROGRESO tiene como objetivo principal la investigación en tecnologías innovadoras que permitan obtener productos alimentarios de alto valor añadido, que mejoren el aporte proteico en alimentación y proporcionen soluciones técnicas a determinados grupos target poblacionales con demandas proteicas específicas. El… Read More »

REWAGEN video published! A new wastewater treatment system for the dairy industry

REWAGEN project has just released its project video! It briefly presents the pilot plant developed to enhance a more efficient water treatment plant for the diary industry.   The aim of the project is the development water treatment system prototype – based on the sequential combination of three technologies: electrocoagulation (EC), electro oxidation (EO) and… Read More »

Innovation to meet the global need for sustainable water resources

MIcrobial DESalination (MIDES) project launches project to build world’s largest demonstration of a low-energy system to produce drinking water.   The MIDES project aims to revolutionise desalination systems by developing a more sustainable low-energy process of producing safe drinking water from seawater. This advanced technology will be exploited as cross-border project to meet the growing… Read More »

BioEcoSIM Video released: Valorising livestock manure

The BioEcoSIM project just released its video. Learn more about how to produce a sustainable soil improving products that can be easily handled, transported and applied. BioEcoSim valorises livestock manure as an important example of valuable biowaste. The BioEcoSIM consortium consists of 15 partners from 5 different EU states with complementary and non-overlapping expertise that… Read More »

GLAM Project at Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine Conference in Basel

From the 26th to the 29th of June, the CLINAM (Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine) Conference is taking place in Basel, Switzerland. The theme of this year’s edition is Enabling Technologies for Personalized Medicine. This event gathers various large European actors in the field of biotechnologies, medicine, and nanomedicine including the European Commission, nanomedicine, nanotox,… Read More »

Presentation of an innovative pilot plant for manure

Around 1800 million tonnes of manure are produced in Europe every year. In regions with intensive animal husbandry, this could cause environmental, social and economic challenges.   An impasse? In the EU-funded project BioEcoSIM led by Fraunhofer IGB, 15 partners from research and industry developed a technology to convert livestock manure into organic soil improvers… Read More »