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Collaboration between Almirall, ICMAB-CSIC and LEITAT in Nanomedicine applied to Dermatology

The research project Nano4Derm will focus on the development of innovative formulations containing nanoencapsulated active ingredients for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases, such as Acne and Psoriasis. This project will lead to the development of two types of nanocapsules containing active ingredients aiming to address current unmet needs and challenges, such as antimicrobial resistance,… Read More »

GLAM Workshop: Key Enabling Technologies for Better Cancer Diagnosis

This workshop organised by the GLAM project aims at bringing together experts from the field of nanotechnologies, photonics and micro-and nano-electronics in relation to cancer diagnosis including researchers, regulators, practicians, doctors and media. Key enabling technologies provide the basis for innovation in a range of products across all industrial sectors. They underpin the shift to… Read More »

Actividad anti-tumoral y antimetastásica en modelos animales de cánceres humanos

La efectividad limitada de los tratamientos aprobados, así como las evidencias de sus resistencias y toxicidades, enfatizan la necesidad del desarrollo de nuevos anticuerpos monoclonales terapéuticos para mejorar la eficacia en los tratamientos de metástasis de tumores en mama o páncreas, o en tumores hematológicos (leucemias y linfomas).   Durante la anualidad 2016 de este… Read More »