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Assessment and mitigation of nano-enabled product risks on human and environmental health: Development of new strategies and creation of a digital guidance tool for nanotech industries


Innovative tool to improve risk assessment and promote the safe use of nanomaterials in the textile finishing industry


Biological Foundation for the Safety Classification of Engineered Nanomaterials (ENM): Systems Biology Approaches to Understand Interactions of ENM with Living Organisms and the Environment


    REACHnano aims to develop of a web based REACH Toolkit to support the chemical safety assessment of nanomaterials. The overall aim of REACHnano project is to improve the protection of environment and health from risk posed by chemicals by supporting the implementation of the REACH regulation with regard to nanomaterials, whose use raise many… Read More »


European development of Superconducting Tapes: integrationg novel materials and architectures into cost effective processes for power applications and magnets


Ceramic and polymeric membrane for water purification of heavy metal and hazardous organic compounds


Integration of Novel NANOparticle based technology for THERapeutics and diagnosi of different types of cancer.