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The overall aim of ECO-TEXNANO is to improve the environmental performance of best innovative solutions that are emerging with regard to technical textiles that incorporates nanoparticles in the textile finishing industry. Environmental, health and safety impacts will be assessed into its manufacturing operations, encouraging the integration of green technologies.


Nanomaterials are not intrinsically hazardous per se, however, there may be a need to take into account specific considerations in their risk assessment.


LEITAT’s role in the project: LEITAT as coordinating Beneficiary and as Technological Centre with great experience in project development has outstanding European influences with other research centers, universities, regional authorities that will contribute to the transnational approach and diffusion of the project.

A full comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study will be carried out by LEITAT within the project, an environmental assessment will be done thanks to the results from LCA.

Leitat will establish a green procurement plan including a committee (senior managers and purchasing agents) to implement a procedure outlining the corporate commitment to green procurement across the organization. We will also select the most representative nanomaterials used in finishing processes of textiles and collaborate on the risk assessment of nano-textiles and conventional finished textiles.

LEITAT will provide technical assistance to demonstration of pilot scales trials and collaboration to integrative assessment of risk characterization ratios when implementing risk management measures for socio-economic impact assessment on local economy and population.


Number of Contract: LIFE12 ENV/ES/000667


Coordinator:  LEITAT


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Javier Casellas




Starts: 01/10/2013


Duration: 36 months




Acondicionamiento Tarrasense Asociación LEITAT Spain
Instituto Tecnológico del Embalaje, Transporte y Logística Spain
Fratelli Piacenza S.p.A. Italy




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