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The ultimate goal of ENDs project is to obtain energy efficient, innovative design solutions and ADT technologies for the development of industrial products.


LEITAT’s role in the project: The contribution of LEITAT in this project is focused on photovoltaic generation and characterization of PV modules, and power management. LEITAT is approved to certify PV solar modules and has the necessary equipment to characterize photovoltaic modules. Because of the expertise and teams, LEITAT will contribute in systems integration, prototype development and assessments.


Number of Contract: ENIAC/120214


Coordinator: STMicroelectronics s.r.l. (Italy)


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Marta Domper


Web: http://www.eniac-end.org/


Starts: April 2010


Duration: 3 years




STMicroelectronics   s.r.l. Italy
Centro   Ricerche FIAT S.C.p.A Italy
ETH Lab s.r.l. Eurotech Group Italy
Numonyx   Italy s.r.l. Italy
Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario   per la Nanoelettronica Italy
Politecnico   di Torino Italy
Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di   Bologna Italy
Università   degli Studi di Catania Italy
Università   degli Studi di Salerno Italy
Alcatel-Lucent   Deutschland AG Germany
Robert   Bosch GmbH Germany
EADS   Deutschland GmbH Germany
GLOBALFOUNDRIES   Dresden Module Two GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Infineon   Technologies AG Germany
NXP   Semiconductors GA GmbH Germany
TELEFUNKEN   Semiconductors GmbH & Co. KG Germany
ChipVision   Design Systems AG Germany
MunEDA   GmbH Germany
Fraunhofer   Gesellschaft e.V. (IIS/EAS) Germany
OFFIS   e.V. Germany
Technische   Universität Chemnitz Germany
NXP   Semiconductors France France
ATMEL   Rousset SAS France
EADS   France Innovation Works France
Commisariat   a l’Energy Atomique France
Philips   Electronics Nederlands BV The   Netherlands
NXP   Semiconductors Netherlands BV The   Netherlands
Silicon   Hive BV The   Netherlands
Stichting   IMEC Nederland The   Netherlands
Delft   University of Technology The   Netherlands
Austriamicrosystems   AG Austria
DICE   GmbH & Co KG Austria
Infineon   Technologies Austria AG Austria
Technische   Universität Graz Austria
Intracom   S.A. Telecom Solutions Greece
inAccess   Networks Greece
University   of Patras Greece
ON   Semiconductor Belgium BVBA Belgium
QinetiQ   Ltd UK
Cardiff   University UK
ON   Semiconductor Slovakia a.s. Slovakia
Slovak   University of Technology in Bratislava Slovakia
Centre   Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique SA Switzerland


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