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The concept of the EUROTAPES project is firstly to integrate the advanced materials developments into longer length of high current coated conductors and to generate the process and control system know-how necessary to move into production in the future. The best combination of the physical and chemical methods will be used with two types of substrates.


High current coated conductors (CCs) have high potential for developing electrical power applications and very high field magnets. The key issues for market success are low cost robust processes, high performance and a reliable manufacturing methodology for long length conductors. In recent years EU researchers and companies have made substantial progress towards these goals, based on vacuum (PLD) and chemical deposition (CSD) methods towards nanostructuring of films. This provides a unique opportunity for Europe to integrate these advances in high performance conductors.

The EUROTAPES project will address two broad objectives:

  1. The integration of the latest developments into simple conductor architectures for low and medium cost applications and delivery of +500m tapes. Definition of quality control tools and protocols to enhance the processing throughput and yield to achieve a pre-commercial cost target of 100 €/kAm.
  2. Use of advanced methodologies to enhance performance (larger thickness and Ic, enhanced pinning for high fields, reduced ac losses and increased mechanical strength).


Demonstration high critical currents (Ic>400A/cm-w, at 77K and self-field and Ic>1000A/cm-w at 5K and 15T) and pinning forces (Fp>100GN/m3 at 60 K). The CSD and PLD technologies will be combined to achieve optimized tape architectures, nanostructures and processes to address a variety of HTS applications at self-field, high and ultrahigh magnetic fields. Up to month 36, 3 types of conductors will be developed (RABiT, ABAD and round wire); at Mid Term 2 will be chosen for demonstration during the final 18 months.

Leitat’s role in the project:LEITAT is WP9 coordinator (Life Cycle Assessment) and participates in WP10 (Exploitation and Dissemination Activities) where is leader of the dissemination activities, and in WP11 (Project Management) where assist ICMB with the management.


Number of Contract: FP7/280432


Coordinator: CSIC – ICMAB


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Javier Casellas




Start: 01/08/2012


Duration: 54 months




Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. CSIC: Institut Ciència Materials Barcelona (ICMAB) Spain
Bruker HTS GmbH Germany
Italian National agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development Italy
Institute of Electrical Engineering Slovak Academy of Sciences Slovakia
La Farga laCambra SAU Spain
Leibniz Institut für festkörper und Werkstoffforschung e.V. Dresden Germany
Nexans SA France
Oxolutia SL Spain
Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH Germany
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Rumania
Vienna University of Technology Austria
Institut Néel France
University of Antwerp Belgium
University of Cambridge UK
University Autonoma de Barcelona Spain
University of Ghent Belgium
Nexans GmbH Germany
LEITAT Technological Center Spain
evico Germany

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