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descargaBiobased Sanitizing Detergents for Domestic and Industrial Laundry Applications

HYGIENZYM’s main goal is to develop a novel concept of detergent for laundry applications with the capacity to sanitize clothes during current domestic or industrial washing at low temperature and times while maintaining a high performance in soil removal. The detergent will rely on the potential of certain enzymes as antimicrobial agents, which will be identified and produced, when necessary, to formulate this novel detergent and test it in real washing conditions at low temperature and time.


LEITAT’s role in the project:

  • Design and execution of the microbiological validation of enzymes as antimicrobial agents. LEITAT counts on the needed experience and equipment to perform both tasks. Tasks include screening of enzymes that have shown positive results after enzymatic activity screening, the design of a validation protocol on textile sanitization based on in vitro studies using Linitest equipment as well as controlled real washing machines and the evaluation of the washing effluents Ecotoxicity.
  • Collaboration with PROQUIMIA in detergent formulations bringing LEITAT’s know-how on reformulation strategies as well as in the inclusion of new active and natural principles in detergents. Besides LEITAT will evaluate the stability of formulations and especially the stability of the enzymes within the formulated product.
  • Validation of product efficacy in terms of washing and sanitizing efficacy. LEITAT will collaborate with PROQUIMIA in this activities as well as in the design of the panel test and consumer acceptance studies.


Number of Contract: EMO/1370/2013


Coordinator: PROQUIMIA, S.A.(Spain)


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Izabel Alfany


Web: http://era-platform.eu/era-nets/etb-pro/


Starts: March 2014


Duration: 2 years        




Enzymicals AG Germany
LEITAT (subcontractor) Spain

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