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The IND-ECO project aims at achieving two main objectives: to obtain initial primary energy savings by its end  AND to create favourable conditions for much more investments by 2020.

Barriers to information and to capital access must be overcome according to EU energy saving action plan 2011.The European umbrella association and national associations from most relevant countries for leather and leather productions, technical centres, engineering companies and manufacturers join together in a very well balanced and representative partnership.


LEITAT’s role in the project: Relationships with Spanish leather companies and target groups. Organisation and monitoring of the Inventory (WP2). Involvement in framework support activities (both technological and financial) (WP3 and 4). Leader of WP3. Support to companies for planning and realising investments (WP5); Participation in dissemination activities (WP7).


Number of Contract: IEE/11/949/SI2.615946


Coordinator:  Italian Tanners Association


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Javier Casellas




Starts: October 2012


Duration: 48 months




Italian   Tanners Association Italy
ConciaRicerche Italy
Italian  Districts Federation Italy
Dani   Group SpA Italy
Cotance Belgium
Leitat Spain
Footwear   technological Institute Spain
The national research and development   institute for textile and leather Romania
Romanian leather and fur producers   association Romania
Pro   Comod shoes Romania
The Branch Union of Leather, Fur,   Footwear and Leather Goods Industry Bulgaria
Footwear   Technological Institute Portugal
U.K.   leather federation United Kingdom
Sogesca   srl Italy

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