By | October 25, 2013


NOBITAN is aimed at the development of novel chemotherapeutic products exhibiting an enhanced safety and efficacy profile, through a selective targeting of inactive cytotoxic compounds toward tumor cells, and a smart release and local activation of the anticancer drug.


LEITAT’s contribuition: LEITAT will act as subcontractor to provide the technical expertise in the proof-of-concept packages and its know-how for the development and characterisation of the conjugate and will also provide support to management and exploitation activities in WP6.


Number of Contract: IUE/4066/2010


Coordiantor: Institut Univ. De Ciència i Tecnologia SA


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Izabel Alfany


Starts: September 2011


Duration: 24 months




IUCT –   Institut Univers. De Ciència i Tecnologia SA Spain
JPT   – Peptide Technologies GmbH Germany

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