IGNICOAT: nuevos textiles ignífugos para equipos de protección individual

El mercado global de textiles ignífugos es de gran importancia y presenta un crecimiento sostenido en sub-sectores de textil técnico de alto valor añadido como los Equipos de Protección Individual (EPIs), textiles de uso laboral, textiles para transporte y textil-hogar, principalmente. Dicho mercado todavía consiste en gran medida en formulaciones de recubrimientos basadas en compuestos… Read More »

GLAM Workshop: Key Enabling Technologies for Better Cancer Diagnosis

This workshop organised by the GLAM project aims at bringing together experts from the field of nanotechnologies, photonics and micro-and nano-electronics in relation to cancer diagnosis including researchers, regulators, practicians, doctors and media. Key enabling technologies provide the basis for innovation in a range of products across all industrial sectors. They underpin the shift to… Read More »

EU awards €8.4M to ODYSSEA to develop and deploy integrated observatory systems

The collaborative international project will develop a platform that will integrate existing data with information generated by coastal observations, new and existing sensors at sea, oceanographic models and mobile apps.   The European Union (EU) has awarded the international ODYSSEA consortium €8.4 million to develop an interoperable and cost-effective platform that fully integrates networks of… Read More »

ECHA publishes REACH Guidance for nanomaterials

On the 24th of May 2017, ECHA published five documents that aim to help registrants preparing dossiers that cover nanoforms ahead of the 2018 registration deadline.   The documents include two new pieces of guidance as well as recommendations and updates of the existing guidance on nanomaterials. The new publications are: Nano-specific Appendix to Chapter… Read More »