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Recovery of reverse osmosis membranes that have reached their end of life in desalination plants, typically between 5 and 10 years, is the main objective of this project, turning what is, today, considered a costly residue that is sent to disposal, into a valuable by product for re-use.

A demonstration plant is proposed in which diverse mechanical and chemical treatments are developed in order to recover these membranes so that they are reusable in the same desalination process or in other applications which need a lower quality water specification but always in reverse osmosis technology (i.e. tertiary treatment of wastewater for irrigation and reuse, industrial water with low salinity requirements, etc…) As a part of the pilot plant it is foreseen to have a compact, portable testing unit in order to perform trials on the recovered membranes using real installations.


LEITAT’s role in the project: Before building the demonstration plant, detailed membrane characterization will be performed (a representative number of each type of membrane to treat) in order to focus the targets of the prototype.  LEITAT contributes while performing some autopsies that reveal the main problems and challenges that the pilot plant will need to face. Autopsy will also reveal which kind of fouling has the membrane and will help to determine the more adequate reagent for its recovery.

LEITAT as a Technological Centre with great experience in project development has outstanding European influences with other research centers, universities or regional authorities that will contribute to the transnational approach and diffusion of the project.


Number of Contract: LIFE11 ENV/ES/626


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Émilie Mespoulhes




Starts: 01-09-2012


Duration: 3 years




AQUALIA, Gestión   Integral del Agua, S.A. Spain
LEITAT   Technological Center Spain
AMBICAT Consulting S.L.L. Spain
Agència de Residus   de Catalunya Spain



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