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Paper industries are an essential part of the industrial playground. Environmental impact caused by residual effluents and solid waste in this sector is quite relevant, so paper industry has been urged to develop new technologies in order to improve and reduce its environmental impacts in terms of water consumption and reuse, air treatment, waste valorisation, etc.

The great water consumption in paper industry is due to its process, but also to the difficulty in water recycling because of the saline outgoing water effluents. These saline effluents cannot be dumped (due to legislation), and cannot be recycled since quality paper would be affected (if it’s recycled, a great amount of fresh water is needed to obtain the optimum quality parameters).

Further information at RESALTTECH Layman´s report

LEITAT’s role in the project: Leitat inherited the role of AIICA due to the adquisition of AIICA by Leitat.


Number of Contract: LIFE08/ ENV/ 000133


Coordinator: AIICA/Leitat


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Gemma Avellaneda




Starts: January 2010


Duration: 36 months




Leitat Spain
Tecnoma Spain
Unión Industrial Papelera SA Spain
Consell General de Cambres de Comerç de   Catalunya Spain
Agencia Catalana del Agua Spain



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