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RICAS2020 logoRICAS2020 will provide an innovative design concept of an Underground Research Infrastructure to develop technologies by which the storage of very high amounts of “green” energy will be possible. The big advantage of the new design concept will be the independence from the encountered geological conditions. This means that energy will be directly stored at all places where high energy demands will exist.


RICAS2020 – the planned European Underground Research Infrastructure for Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage will provide unique research opportunities for companies as well as for research institutions to contribute to this demand which is also of great interest for a variety of research fields in underground engineering. RICAS2020 will be located as an extension of the independent research infrastructure “research@ZaB” in Eisenerz, Austria, which is financed by the Austrian government and designed as a European underground research, training and test facility.


The Design Study RICAS2020 aims to create an underground research infrastructure for AA-CAES and focuses on the technical, legal, institutional and financial requirements in order to get an approval as a future research facility.


The research project is being funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme.

Number of Contract: H2020/654387

Coordinator: Montauniversität Loeben

Email LEITAT manager in charge: Javier Casellas

Web: www.ricas2020.eu

Starts: Juner 2015

Duration: 36 months


 ETH ZÜRICH  Switzerland
 HBI HAERTER GMBH  Switzerland
 ALSTOM AG  Switzerland
 LEITAT  Spain

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