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SME iconThe International Projects Office (IPO) offers excellent technical and management support to SMEs in need of a final push to get their product to the market. We have a deep understanding of the different financial instruments currently available and thanks to our technical background we also support SMEs in their technological progress.


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Thanks to our International Projects Office, we assess the companies in the proposal writing, paying special attention on the compliance with eligibility criteria and EU objectives for each topic, as well as in the search of European partners, thanks to our contact database. Besides, we help the SME for administrative and financial aspects related to the proposal submission and the implementation of the project, as approved. Last but not least, we collaborate with experts in IPR management, business plan development and commercialisation in order to complete our service offer, especially in the framework of the SMEi call.

SME Instrument – Your Highway to Innovation

SME instrument phases 2The SME instrument (SMEi) is the new programme launched in 2014 by the European Commission through the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME). The objective is to support highly innovative and consolidated European SMEs, which want to bring to the market disruptive solutions. The selected SMEs will receive a complete business support which consists in a personalised coaching assessment and funding between 0,5M€ and 2.5M€.


Open to single SMEs and small consortiums, the SMEi is divided in three phases. The participation in the three phases is not compulsory but highly recommended. In phase 1 and 2, in addition to funding, the SME will receive the assessment of experts of Enterprise Europe Network in a thematic chosen by the company (e.g. IPR, commercialisation, etc.). One characteristic of this tool is that it is a permanently open call with several dates of cut-off during the year and the current topics will remain open until December 2015.



eurostarsEurostars is a transnational programme whose objective is to support R&D performing SMEs in the development innovative products, processes and services in order to be more competitive and reach the market, within two years after the project’s completion. Supported by the 33 EUROSTARS countries and the European Union, this programme provides funding and support to research-performing companies, especially SMEs, which take a leading position in a transnational consortium.


Concerning the funding rules, they are fixed at national level and are different in each country participating in the programme. This is also the case for the rules of participation which limits the participation of RTO and Universities as partner, in some cases. To be eligible, it is necessary to gather 3-4 partners from 2-3 different countries. The project has a duration of 29 months and can be funded up to 1.4M€. More information about EUROSTARS here.


Fast Track to Innovation

FTIThe Fast Track to Innovation is a pilot program launched on January 2015 and created to give industries the financial means to introduce their innovation ideas into the market.

In line with 2020 Strategy, the novelty of this program relies on its priorities: the product must be close to the market and even if public and no profit entities will be able to participate, the consortia must be industrial intensive. Thus, also SMEs and start-ups are welcome to participate and to challenge this new opportunity!


.The topic of FTI can cover any area of Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges of H2020 but the product/service shall be at least TRL6 level. The European Commission has established a co-fund of 70% of eligible costs (100% in case of no-profit organization) and a maximum contribution of €3 million per project. The calls are opened throughout the year, nonetheless the proposals will be submitted during three intermediate cut-offs date.


The consortium should involve 3 to 5 partners belonging to at least 3 Member States. 2 or 3 partners must be for profit and 60 % of the overall budget of the proposal must be allocated to consortium partners from industry. .The project should last 12/24 months and the entry of the product into the market should be foreseen after 36 months. EC commissioners envisage to finance 50/70 actions during 2015. Let’s take this chance!



Since its foundation, in 1906, LEITAT collaborates with companies promoting research, development and industrial innovation (R+D+2i) and bringing technological value to their products or processes. Usually, LEITAT acts as technological partner by signing collaboration agreements to join efforts to meet the industrial technology challenges set out and promoting enterprising capacity and technology transfer..


The first and main added value of LEITAT is its wide range of technological solutions. Thanks to our nine R&D divisions, we assess SMEs in the analysis and definition of their technological needs in order to improve and make more competitive, efficient and environmentally friendly their products or processes. Active in all the different stages of the R&D value chain, LEITAT supports entities from the early development of their idea to the last step of technology transfer and future commercialisation.


Our teams work on the identification of the company’s needs and  the definition of a technology plan in order to make their service more efficient and competitive. In addition to our expertise as technological centre, we also provides support in the field of project management.



If you have questions on the programmes and calls for your company, please feel free to contact us.