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The main objective of SUPERTEX project is to demonstrate that an environmental friendly management of the primary sources, including the supplies of raw material from waste can be successfully exploited within Textile Industry for the production of high  added value products for specialised markets such as Technical Textile one. The ultimate goal of the project is the Optimisation  of technical textile realised with RPET multifilament yarns for the production of flameproof textiles for two technical applications (HOMETECH and MOBILTECH).


Leitat’s role in the project: LEITAT will be involved in the optimization of the process parameters enabling to produce on large scale the multifilaments from Recycled materials (WP2 and WP3). Furthermore according to its experience in testing and characterization of the materials it will play a crucial role in the validation of the final textile products (WP5).


Number of Contract: ECO/10/277225/SI2.596871


Coordinator: Next Technology Tecnotessile   (NTT)




Starts: 01-09-2011


Duration: 36 Months




Next Technology Tecnotessile (NTT) Italy
SPINPET   Srl Italy
ROMEI   Srl Italy
LEITAT Technological Center Spain
Anglès   Textil SA (ANTEX) Spain
APOLLO   Spa Italy
DEVAN Chemicals Belgium
Centexbel Belgium

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