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It aims to develop active ingredients derived from plant cell cultures with high activity and value, and assess the short and long term administration of the biological effectiveness of pigs, cattle and poultry intensive livestock farming.


LEITAT’s role in the project: In WP3 Development of two solutions encapsulated: one for include in animal feed and other stable in water. Task 3.1, study and selection of materials to produce microcapsules. Task 3.2, production of micro-encapsulated product and process optimization at laboratory scale. WP6 LEITAT participates in studies of controlled release of active beginnings microencapsulated to digestive treatment. Task 6.1, study of release of active beginning to digestive treatment.


Number of Contract: IUE/4066/2010


Coordinator: IRB Spa


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Izabel Alfany


Starts: 30/12/2011


Duration: 2 years.




IRB Spa Italia
Nutritech Srl Italia
PROCESOS A TERCEROS S.L Catalunya (España)

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